Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween and Fall Projects...

 Halloween and Fall projects are here, remember these are all  unfinished projects, if you would like them finished contact me and I can give you a price.  Hope you enjoy the projects I have for you, email me your orders...  Happy Halloween...

   Witch parking $10 (wood, vinyl and embellishments included)

  Spooky $15 (paper may vary, wood, paper and embellishments included)

Wicked $25
Witch boot $10 (wood only on this project, create to match your decor)

The boot looks cute with Wicked.

 Haunt $23 (paper may vary)

(isn't the house cute?)

 Boo $13  (paper may vary, will need black glitter)
 Beware $25  (paper may vary)

 Bat $4 (wood and googly eyes only, need black glitter for this project)
 (The bat looks cute with the Beware or the Haunt)

 Stacked pumpkin $4 (berries and ribbon may vary)

Monogram pumpkin, personalize your door
$22 (wood and vinyl only)

Autumn $20 (paper may vary)

Fall $15  (paper may vary)

Chunky wicked $15 (glitter needed for this one)
Watch for more to come...
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I want a "Witch parking" board. THat is SO CUTE!!! I will get you the money soon :)