Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kraft Saturday Date

Here we go...  Ready, set, Kraft Saturday, order fast, November 5th, from 10:00-2:00 at the Wedding Chapel.  The date is not far off, it was the best I could do, so if you are planning on attending, please order quickly so I can get working on this stuff.  Hope you can come and craft the day away on the projects I have planed. 
$15 Pumpkins (large set 24 in tallest)

   $12 Pumpkins (small set 12 in tallest)

                                                                     $15 turkey time 15x18
          (paper will vary)

Gobble Til Ya Wobble $15 (21 1/2x7)
(paper will vary)

          Jingle $13 (9x21)
    (add All the Way for $2
           just like the Believe)
          (paper will vary)

                                                               $15   Believe in the Magic
           (paper will vary)

                                                                  $6 2x2 Christmas Tree
           (paper will vary) 7x91/2

                                                                      $3 Tree ornament
                                                 Document your child's Christmas list
                                                           and save it as an ornament.

Shoot me an email if there is anything you would like to order, you are welcome to pass the blog on to friends and family, all is welcome.  If you would like finished product instead of having to finish them yourself, let me know and we can work out a price.  Also remember to sign up for emails, when I post on the blog you will get a direct email from Kraft Saturday...

Happy Crafting,
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